Our Values


Always the number one priority.

Altrad Balliauw is permeated with a safety culture. Safety begins with safe behaviour, and that’s exactly what we train our people in – constantly. Safety is a matter of experience. Via our ongoing training programme, we ensure that only trained and experienced workers enter the work site. Safety is an attitude. By means of so-called “shared vigilance”, our people check one another, top-down and bottom-up. We even go a step further and offer incentives to site personnel who proactively take the best safety measures, via the “Safety Sofie” campaign.


People make the difference.

Altrad Balliauw always takes great care to ensure that its workers are professionally competent, have the right attitude and are safety-minded. We do this by means of thorough selection and training at the time of recruitment, ongoing refresher courses at our own training centre, non-stop coaching on-the-job, incentives etc. As our customer, you will notice this in both the big things and the little details – in our approach to the work we do and in its quality and its finish.


It enables creativity and innovation.

As our customer, you can expect a great deal of Altrad Balliauw. Conceptual input, for example, about how your project can be run more safely, efficiently and rapidly. Our employees will make suggestions and correct where necessary. Everyone stands to benefit from this – and above all you as our customer, because you can be sure that your work is being carried out with safety, expertise and passion. So, when you are passionate about your work, then you always put your best step forward and ultimately you achieve excellence in it.


Open door, open mind, open hand.

Like safety, approachability is firmly embedded in our business culture, both internally and externally. The door is always open. The management and the directors are direct contact people for every customer. They are happy to talk to you, and even happier to listen to your wishes and requirements. In this way, we seek to build long-term partnerships. Our open and close contacts with you as our customer make us highly responsive. Efficiency must not be too complex. We are absolutely clear about our timing, our price and our commitment. That way, nobody ends up being surprised – either at the start or at the finish.