"Together Always Higher"

Striving for excellence and continuous improvement. That has been Altrad’s motto for many years. In this process of continuous improvement, the company puts safety and quality first. This is the reason that we want to create a new company culture, one that goes beyond safety alone and will permeate all activities within Altrad.

"SOF!E, it’s in my DNA"

SOF!E is the name of our new company culture. There is of course a link with our safety campaign Safety Sofie, but this time, we aim much higher. We want SOF!E to become a way of life within our company. A way of life that defines how we want to achieve results, how we interact, and how safety underpins even the smallest of our actions.

We like to think of it a gene embedded in the DNA of our company and its employees. It has to grow from the grassroots, and every individual is equally responsible.

SOF!E is an acronym that stands for ‘Skilfully Optimise Focus to Improve and Excel’ and as such, illustrates what Altrad stands for. We strive to continuously improve our competences, to optimize our focus and to achieve excellence. This ties in seamlessly with Altrad’s motto ‘Together Always Higher’

A new project and a new culture obviously bring about important changes. For instance, we have a new logo to symbolize the SOF!E company culture. Together, we roll up our sleeves for a hands-on approach. The passive attitude towards safety and quality is a thing of the past. As of now, we count on all of you to actively promote our company culture, and to take safety, quality and continuous improvement in hand,

Why 2 hands ?

  1. Brother Keeper
    • Two hands pointing towards each other, reaching out, supporting and protecting each other.
  2. Sof!e
    • In the spaces between the fingers, you can see the ‘S’ of SOF!E.
  3. Passion & danger
    • The red color of the logo illustrates Altrad’s passion, power and ambition. Red is also the color that signifies and signals danger. It demands our attention. The same is true for SOF!E.

But there is more than just the new logo. SOF!E will become more and more visible and tangible over time. In 2018, our focus will be on the introduction of the ‘Golden Rules’. The Altrad Group has formulated 9 Golden Rules for safe behavior, rules that must be observed at all time. You can consider them a kind of ‘minimum rules’ that apply in all circumstances.

This is just the tip of the iceberg
There is much more to come!!