Altrad Balliauw+QHSE: Safety is the number one priority

Altrad Balliauw is permeated with a safety culture. Safety begins with safe behaviour, and that’s exactly what we train our people in – constantly.

Safety is a matter of experience. Via our ongoing training programme, we ensure that only trained and experienced workers enter the work site.

Safety is an attitude. By means of so-called “shared vigilance”, our people check one another, top-down and bottom-up. We even go a step further and offer incentives to site personnel who proactively take the best safety measures, via the “Safety Sofie” campaign.

Permanent and vigorous

Every inspection, every meeting and every report at Altrad Balliauw starts with safety – both on the site and in the office. In this way, we maximise vigilance and responsibility.

In addition to our own inspections, we have our sites and work inspected by independent bodies, to ensure certified quality.
Altrad Balliauw applies the strictest standards, safety certificates and quality assurance systems, better known under the names VCA-Petrochemie, MASE and ISO:9001.