Altrad Balliauw wins RWE’s Contractor Safety Board Award 2018

Altrad Balliauw wins RWE’s Contractor Safety Board Award 2018


Excellent news for the professionals working at Altrad Balliauw, part of the Altrad Services Benelux organisation. During the Contractor Safety Board they received the ‘HSE Contractor 2018 Award’ from RWE: a great reward for their HSEQ efforts at the RWE Eemshaven construction site in Groningen.

The Contractor Safety Board consists of contractors such as Altrad Balliauw who highlight best practices and exchange ideas in an open atmosphere. During a major maintenance project at RWE – which plays an important role in energy supply in the Netherlands – Altrad Balliauw was able to clearly make its mark in the fields of processes, safety and coaching.

The jury assessed their safety reports, LMRA quality, work preparation, toolboxes, HSEQ leadership, workplace supervision and focused development of improvements topics.

At the start of the project, Altrad Balliauw dealt with the existing safety culture, resulting in a great improvement. For instance, a safety wall was built at the construction site, containing images of the Golden Rules. This reminded each employee on a daily basis of the safety policy. Housekeeping was also stepped up and continuous alignment with the customer was ensured. Checks at the construction site were maximized.


Thijl Adrichem, Health & Safety Officer at RWE:

Altrad Balliauw put a lot of effort into an efficient safety policy. A renewed team was created, led by area manager Steven Beyers. The new foreman, Jurgen Meuleman, sets a strong example for HSEQ leadership: he is an example for others.”

For an optimum implementation of the HSEQ policy, Jurgen Meuleman even moved permanently to the Netherlands, where he introduced Altrad Balliauw’s HSEQ policy.

Jurgen Meuleman, Altrad Balliauw’s foreman:

We use a ‘Leadership-Ownership’ and ‘Brother-Keeper’ approach. As foreman (Leadership), I set an example (lead by example) and trust that my co-workers will follow my example and take responsibility themselves (Ownership) to implement the safety policyFor instance, everyone adjusts one another (Brother- Keeper) to work as safely as possible. This is real teamwork. Consequently, this award is also meant for Yannick Verheggen (Site Safety Supervisor), Jorgen Van de Velde (Co-ordinating Prevention Advisor) and of course the team of scaffold builders”.

Altrad Balliauw has a lot of experience in co-operating with internal and external parties with regard to the HSEQ policy. Safety is an important matter that concerns us all.

Steven Lutin, HSEQ Manager of Altrad Services Benelux:

“HSEQ stands for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. We pursue a healthy and safe way of working with a minimal impact on the environment. To do so, we have developed the SOF!E culture, as part of a programme that includes safety. Our philosophy behind SOF!E – Skilfully Optimise Focus to Improve – is that we take responsibility together to apply continuous improvement to the entire policy. This comprehensive approach within our management, integrating HR, HSEQ, CIT and Finance among other things, ensures that we can work as optimally as possible for our customers. Together always higher!”