Altrad Balliauw provides a wide range of industrial services and solutions in support of the construction and maintenance of high-value, super-critical power generation assets. We provide services in support of several technologies in the power generation segment: conventional, nuclear, renewable, …

Due to the nature of power generation sites, we work in the most demanding and controlled environments, which has required us to develop and implement innovative techniques and solutions to assist our clients in safely and securely operating and extending the life of their plants.

In Belgium, we have a dedicated department of well-trained, highly-skilled, certified and qualified staff, with a long track-record of working in the nuclear environment. They work in the existing nuclear plants in Doel and Tihange.

The majority of our activity is focused on the support of the operation and life extension phases of existing operating assets, where we intervene through our dedicated on-site teams. We also have successfully managed significant maintenance, revamping and life-extension projects during shutdown periods.


  • nuclear power plants
  • thermal power plants...
  • cogenerations