Altrad Balliauw Group

Altrad Balliauw, established in 1976, is a respected name in industry and the construction sector in Benelux and France. Following its takeover by the French Altrad Group in March 2006, the Altrad Balliauw Group today enjoys financial stability.

Together Always Higher

Altrad Balliauw is active in scaffolding, industrial insulation and asbestos removal – three fields of expertise under one roof. Services in these fields can be supplied individually or on a multidisciplinary basis. The company is headquartered in Verrebroek and is part of the large French Altrad Group. Its size means that it is able to respond rapidly and flexibly to every request and every situation. Altrad Balliauw has evolved greatly in the last few years. Today, it combines a progressive management team with more than 30 years of tradition and specialist know-how. The company’s industrial activities are mainly focused on the energy sector, (petro)chemicals, metallurgy, construction, food and pharmaceuticals.